Rules are strictly enforced. Anyone disregarding them will be removed from the property without a refund. Campbell’s Maze Daze reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.

Farm Rules

  • No alcohol, firearms or illegal substances allowed on premises.
  • Absolutely no smoking in or around mazes! Smoking only allowed in designated area.
  • Respect other guests and their property.
  • No climbing on or over fences or barriers.
  • The white fence around the main house is a perimeter to personal property! Please stay out and keep your children out. That also means do not cross the white fence to get to your car, or to pet dogs or cats etc.
  • No Littering.
  • No throwing objects.

Campbell’s Farms and its employees are not responsible for supervision of your children, accidents or injuries caused by others or your own personal negligence, or any lost or stolen items.

Maze Rules

  • Absolutely No VANDALIZING CORN:
    • ABSOLUTELY NO breaking off ears or pushing down stalks
    • ABSOLUTELY NO cutting through the corn. Stay on paths.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO throwing objects in the maze. This includes corn you may find lying on the ground.
    • Destruction of the corn plants is considered vandalism and will result in the immediate removal of your entire group or family from the property.
  • The daytime maze is designed for families & younger children. No one under 18 admitted without adult.
  • Absolutely no smoking in or around the maze. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
  • No foul language or rude behavior toward staff or other guests will be tolerated.
  • No running in maze.